Our massauses come from Bali and Thailand. They completed the world's best massage schools. In addition, all therapists have many years of professional experience.


Our beautiful Arun is very memorable :) She comes from Thailand and has ten years of experience in Thai massage. Outside of work, she loves to relax and travel. Together with another masseuse - Pim - they form an inseparable duo.


Our youngest masseuse who comes from the island of Bali. Despite her age, she has a lot of strength. Her passion (besides massaging of course) is singing and visiting new places. What distinguishes her from other therapists is spontaneity and temperament.


She comes from northern Thailand. She perfected her massage technique at Thai Gold Finger School. Her specialty is the classic Thai massage and Thai massage with essential oils. Pim is our "dandy" among masseuses, she loves to go shopping and never returns empty-handed :)


She graduated from the prestigious Bali International Spa School in Indonesia, where she comes from. She specializes in relaxation massages, performs excellent Balinese massage, lomi lomi and shiatsu. She's been working as a masseuse for 10 years. She is extremely spiritual and calm. She definitely deserves to be called "boss" of our massage team. She loves her job and says: “If you do what you love, even the hardest work becomes easy".


Mem is another new masseuse from Thailand in our team. Extremely happy and smiling - she immediately infects those around her with positive energy. She has soft hands which, contrary to appearances, can perform a strong massage. Mem loves to travel and spend time with friends. Like every woman she loves shopping and gossip :)


Somjai comes from Thailand, where she gained 16 years of experience in a luxury Spa. In addition to sleeping and lazing around, she loves to cook :) She infects everyone around her with her smile, she’s caring and extremely spiritual.

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